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10 Days Best of Greece / 十天歐洲希臘文明古國之旅

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Visiting: Athens, Santorini, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Olympia, Kalambaka, Delphi

★住宿希臘群島最負盛名~聖多里尼兩晚 2-night stay in Santorini of the Aegean Sea
★增遊有"天空之城"之稱 ~ 米提奧拉修道院 ★ Explore the Meteora, the hanging monasteries
★全市獨家深入希臘內陸多晚的觀光行程 ★ Touring most inland historic sites of Greece

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原居地  Q  雅典

Home City Q Athens


Depart from home city to Athens, the capital and largest city of Greece.






雅典是馳名世界的文化古城;西方哲學的搖籃,柏拉圖學院和亞里士多德的講學場所之所在地。抵達後,由專車送往酒店休息。晚餐於當地餐廳。        (晚餐)

住宿:Divani Acropolis Hotel或同級  

Athens is widely referred to as the cradle of Western civilization. Upon arrival at airport, transfer to hotel.       (D)





雅典 - 聖多里尼島

Athens ~ Santorini

安排早餐飯盒。驅車前往海港碼頭,安排乘搭高速渡輪啟航至聖多里尼島,展開浪漫之旅,親近愛琴海,在湛藍的海洋上,無際的天空下、島嶼風情中。抵達後,午餐於當地餐廳。聖多里尼島分佈著多個小市鎮;餐後前往遊覽較有名的“皮爾戈斯”、“梅加洛克豪略翁”,及首府“費拉” 。今天行程完全活現了希臘的傳統風格,如童話般的白色小屋以及美麗的藍頂教堂。途經山頂,那是島上最佳地點可俯瞰愛琴海風光,並在鄰近的修道院停留拍照。後往西北邊小山城,暢遊號稱擁有全世界觀看夕陽的最美地點“伊亞”。晚餐於酒店餐廳。             (早/午/晚餐)

住宿: El Greco Hotel或同級  

Nonetheless, traveling by ferry to Santorini is an unique experience. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the Aegean Sea and sun from the boat. The traditional white houses and blue domed churches, all typical Greek appearance and cultures come alive on an island tour that includes the villages of Pyrgos, Megalochori, and  it’s capital Fira. Up to the summit of the Mount Profitis Ilias, for a magnificent view of the entire Santorini and photo taking of the Profitis Ilias Monastery. Our final stop is, of course, the picturesque village of Oia. It is world known for its fantastic sunset.                          (B/L/D)







自助式早餐。餐後自由活動,讓人盡情享受小島生活,和選購飾物、紀念品。為求盡覽希臘新美景,可自費選擇參加各項島上節目。一嚐傳統,騎著驢子穿越迂迴小巷,沿著崖邊的石階路,上上落落,真是刺激又有趣。是日午餐自備,而晚間可代安排享用夕陽浪漫餐膳。                     (早餐)

推薦自費行程- 米可諾斯島: 團友又可自行遊覽米可諾斯島,那是最適合現時年青人新興旅遊熱點。晚晚派對,夜夜笙歌,喧嘩作樂之城,島上基本完全沒有任何觀光行程提供,團友只能全面自由探索及拍照。交通十分方便,如乘坐渡輪,直升機或飛機前住,最快約35分鐘到達。該島亦擁有美麗如畫的海灘和傳統優美的風車,聞名於世。此外參加火山觀賞船河,定會有不錯的體驗                   

住宿:El Greco Hotel 或同級  

Today is free at leisure, surprised at how much fun you could have on the island. The Donkey ride can be an exciting and adventurous experience, as a way of the Santorini’s tradition by following the narrow streets and the multiple steps up and down the cliffs.     (B)

Excursion Tour- Mykonos

Another way to learn more about the Aegean Sea, is on your own arrangement to visit Mykonos by ferry or plane, which mostly attracts young travelers from all over the world due to its iconic features of wild party scene, amazing beaches and windmills. If you want to explore more, you can also join a Volcano Boat Cruise. Then to enjoy a delicious optional Sunset Dinner is highly recommended.                




聖多里尼島 - 雅典 (市內觀光)

Santorini ~ Athens (City Tour)

安排早餐飯盒。乘搭高速渡輪返回雅典。登岸後,驅車直達市內。午餐自備。繼後,安排乘車觀賞沿途景色,宙斯神廟, 哈德良拱門, 及學院大道上的三楝建築 ~ 雅典學院、雅典大學、希臘國家圖書館,合稱為“新古典主義建築三部曲”。到達雅典地標,參觀位於阿克波里斯山上之巴特農神殿。此神殿建於公元447年,供奉雅典之守護神「雅典娜」。晚餐享用希臘烤肉,伴酸乳酪青瓜汁。     (/晚餐)

住宿:Divani Caravel Hotel或同級  

After disembarkation at Athens by ferry. All have views from coach to admire Temple of Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch and Athens Trilogy. Later, stop at the Acropolis Site to visit one of the world's Seventh wonders, Parthenon, built in 447 B.C. and dedicated to Athena. Typical dinner with grilled meats in Taztziki sauce.            (B/D)





雅典 - 艾比達羅斯  - 那普良 - 邁錫尼 - 奧林匹亞

Athens ~ Epidaurus ~ Nafplion ~ Mycenae ~ Olympia

自助式早餐。驅車前往艾比達羅斯,途經科林斯運河,稍作停留拍照。艾比達羅斯於1998年被列為世界遺產,參觀至今仍保存相當完整的圓形劇場,可容納14仟個觀眾。遊畢後,前往美麗的港口小城那普良;欣賞那充滿古希臘風情的大街小巷。午餐自備。餐後啟程往邁錫尼城,為 西元前 2000 年邁錫尼文明的發祥地。通過獅子門及巨石牆,可看到城堡內邁錫尼國王的皇宮遺址;主體設有聖火祭壇、國王珍寶室、多座蜂窩式墓穴群等。遊罷驅車前往古奧林匹克競技場聖地,就是現今世界奧運會的發源地。晚餐於酒店餐廳。                  (/晚餐)

住宿:Amalia Hotel或同級  

Coach to Epidaurus.  A photo stop made at Corinth Canal before arrival. Visit the Sanctuary of Asclepius and the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus. Later we transfer to the picturesque town of Nafplion for a short stop. Continue to Mycenae. Walk through the Lion Gate, see the giant Cyclopean Walls and explore the remains of the Royal Palace and the Beehive shaped Tombs. Heading west toward Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games in 776BC for overnight.             (B/D)






奧林匹亞(市內觀光) - 帕特拉斯 - 卡拉巴卡

Olympia (city tour) ~ Patras ~ Kalambaka

自助式早餐後,首先前往古代奧林匹亞運動會的遺址。經歷了歲月的洗禮,只剩下建築的地基,台階和圓柱。稍後遊覽鄰近的宙斯廟,是為了祭祀那眾神之神而建的神廟;繼而參觀赫拉神殿,為奧林匹亞遺址中現存最古老的建築,在神廟的祭壇旁,是現代奧林匹克大會聖火點燃儀式的舉行地點。午餐自備。乘車通過里翁-安提里翁大橋,前往卡拉巴卡。路經帕特拉斯古城,最後抵達卡拉巴卡,位於中部的希臘式小鎮,區內滿佈後拜占庭時代的教堂,收藏著具有價值的聖徒手記。這裡有獨特秀麗的自然風光和壯觀的巨石林。並且是前往「天空之城」米提奧拉必經的城鎮,令這地顯得格外觸目。晚餐於酒店餐廳。                           (/晚餐)

住宿:Amalia Hotel或同級  

Morning visit the ancient Olympic stadium and the Temples of Zeus king of the Gods and Hera's temple – wife of Zeus. Drive through the Rio–Antirrio Bridge and pass Patras to Kalambaka, a town in central Greece which holds many magnificent old Byzantine churches. It does occupy a stunning location immediately in front of some gigantic rock formations, also the town that guards the approach to the Meteora.                    (B/D)




卡拉巴卡 - 米提奧拉修道院 (天空之城) - 德爾菲

Kalambaka ~ Monastery of Great Meteoron ~ Delphi

自助式早餐後,前往遊覽素有「天空之城」美譽的米提奧拉修道院。於 1988年被列入世界遺產。這裡自然與宗教文化結合而成,一座座的奇岩石峰上,高聳著與世隔絕的修道院,不禁令人驚訝。修道院建於中世紀時期,建立在巨大的山巖頂峰上,仿如懸在半空,幾乎無法抵達。當時修道士都是利用流籠進出及運送生活必需品 及利用繩索來運送物資。午餐自備。繼後,驅車前往德爾菲。希臘神話中,宙斯為了確定地球的中心在哪裡,便從相反的方向各放出一隻老鷹,他們就在德爾菲相遇,因而這裡成為世界的中心,被譽為「大地的肚臍」。晚餐於酒店餐廳,安排地道甜品。             (/晚餐)

住宿:Amalia Hotel或同級  

Morning tour with visit the breathtaking Meteora !  Its hanging monasteries, built on immense natural pillars and hill-like rounded boulders , become one of the country’s most unique attractions that is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.  Then on to Delphi, home of the legendary oracle. It is the most revered site of ancient Greece and considered to be the navel of the world. Hotel dinner with Greek dessert.             (B/D)




德爾菲(市內觀光) - 雅典

 Delphi (city tour) ~ Athens

自助式早餐後,德爾菲是一處重要的“泛希臘聖地”。阿波羅太陽神廟坐落於高達2459米的帕納塞斯山的斜坡上,俯瞰整個希臘中部。但神廟的地位較為特殊,因為阿波羅神的像在聖地中僅是次要,神廟最主要的功用是“神諭”,通過女祭司皮提亞,作中介而將神明意旨昭示給世人,並被認為能夠預見到未來。這片遺址沿着“神道”展開,所謂神道是一段兩邊排列各種紀念碑的道路,包括二十幾座各個城邦貢奉的紀念建築。午餐自備。驅車返回雅典,直達市中心的布拉卡區。布拉卡區呈現19世紀的雅典風貌,經過重新裝修後,成為餐廳、咖啡館、及售賣希臘特產的小商店。晚餐品賞經典本地菜~燉牛肉。             (/晚餐)

住宿:Divani Acropolis Hotel或同級  

Our sightseeing this morning includes the visit to the most important Site in the Classical world. Walk along the sacred way lined by the treasuries of the ancient city states to the site of the Oracle in the temple of Apollo. Afterwards, return to Athens and have shopping in Plaka. At the end of the day, all will enjoy a traditional stewed beef dinner in a local restaurant.                  (B/D)





雅典 Q 原居地

Athens  Q  Home City

自助式早餐於酒店餐廳,餐後乘車前往機場飛返原居地。               (早餐)

At time specified, all proceed to airport for a home bound flight.                   (B)

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